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Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics National Ukrainian Academy of Science 253143 Kiev, Metrologicheskaya 14-b, Ukraine

Prof. Kruchinin Sergei

Leading Scientist

Important publications
    1. Kruchinin S., Nagao H., Aono S.,Modern aspect of superconductivity: theory of superconductivity.
      World Scientific , p.232 (2010), ISBN-9814261602.
    2. Ermakov, V.N.; Kruchinin, S.P.; Pruschke, T.; Freerikcs, J.K., Thermoelectric in tunneling nanostructures.
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    3. Kruchinin S.P., Physics of high-Tc superconductors.
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    4. Dzhezherya Yu, Kruchinin S.P., Theory of field.Solution problems.
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    6. Kruchinin S., Pruschke T., Thermopower for a molecule with vibrational degrees of freedom.
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    7. Kruchinin S.P., Zolotovsky A., Kim H.T., Andreev state in hybrid superconducting nanowires.
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    17. Davydov, A. S. and Kruchinin, S. P., Interlayer effects in the newest high Tc superconductors,
      Physica C 179, 461-468 (1991)
    18. Filippov G.F., and Vasilevsky V.S., and Kruchinin S.P., On the nature of resonances in photonuclear reactions.
      S.J. Nuc.Phys. 43,p.843-853 (1986
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      Questions or comments about this website?

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